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You will find a full list of online banking facilities, Islamic bankers, online stockbrokers, scholarships, insurance companies, unit trust funds, etc. in our financial directory.
We update our directory constantly. The financial information or references in the directory are specifically for those who live in or travel to Malaysia.

Financial Planning Guides

Section 1: Dealing with debts

What is your biggest monthly expense that takes up most of your take-home income? If you are like most people, it is probably either your home loan or car loan repayment. With easier credits from banks offering various consumer loans, cash advances and credit cards, more and more people find that most of their incomes are expended to repay their earlier spendings.
This section provides guides on dealing with debts:

Section 2: Living, saving and spending

This section is about living for the moment in a most effective and efficient way. It is not about delaying gratification; it is not about living like a scrooge. Having all these thoughts is like putting yourself into jail and one day the repercussion strikes in the form of spending spree.
We must first understand that living for the moment is not equal to spending. Many good things in life, if you count, are dirt cheap in terms of dollars and cents.
We will take it from here...

Section 3: Creating wealth

Get the principle correct first, it is not about accumulating assets, i.e. big house, big car, unit trust, etc. It is about accumulating assets(i), i.e. assets that generate sustainable incomes (rental properties, businesses, web sites, high dividend payout stocks, etc.).
These are the guides:

Section 4: Protection

This section is more than mere insurance.

Section 5: Leaving a financial legacy

The best part to have money is being able to help those who are in need and being able to leave a financial legacy to our children.
For a start, check out our financial directory on charity organisations.

The Principle

Personal Financial Planning: A Sensible Approach

Most of us believe it is wise to set such financial goals like sending children to college, planning for retirement, going on vacation, buying a new car, etc. So instead of drafting a financial plan that makes us rich and makes every big ticket item so affordable, we draft a plan that makes every big expense a goal. We live a life of the middle class struggling to pay for our insurance, our children's college expenses, a slightly bigger car, home loan, credit card debts, etc.
The ultimate financial goal is to be rich so that such expenses like children's college education are like buying movie tickets. You don't set a financial goal
to buy movie tickets. Do you?
Read our breakaway wisdom of personal financial planning...

Personal Financial Planning: An Overview
    Personal Finance
  • A plan for life
  • Young, free & single
  • Married couple
  • Happily single
  • Retiring

    Issues in life
  • Buying a home
  • Buying a car
  • Getting married
  • Chilren's education

    Leaving a Financial Legacy
  • Trust
  • Will
  • Assets arrangement
  • Giving

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